My Conversation With The Old Dude In The Mirror

Barry Michael Cooper
2 min readNov 3, 2019


by Barry Michael Cooper

So I’m sitting here thinking about my conversation this morning with The Old Dude In The Mirror. I asked him, “Yo, what happened?” And Old Dude In The Mirror replies, “You mean when did the black hairs turn white, when did the hulking virility become so slight? You wanna know…did that happen overnight?”

“Yeah…That,” I said.

Old Dude In The Mirror stared at me. Took minute to ponder the weight of my query, and the gravity of his answer.

“The Winds of Time perforates our Mortal, atomizing us as Providential dust on the starboard side of Eternity’s Portal. Whether mad or clever, thou shalt not keep this Youth Forever…”

I looked at The Old Dude In The Mirror and smiled.

“That’s deep,” I said.

“Shovel recognizes Shovel, my Mantz.”

We laughed.

“GOD Willing, talk to you tomorrow morning.”

“GOD Willing,” said The Old Dude In The Mirror.

We went our separate ways.



Barry Michael Cooper

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